Cambridge, UK
Known As: Sam

Archibald Samuel Elliott

Language & Compiler Developer

Skel: A Streaming Process-based Skeleton Library for Erlang

Archibald Elliott, Christopher Brown, Marco Danelutto, Kevin Hammond

August 2012 • Early Draft • Never Submitted

Presented at IFL 2012

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With the increasing shift towards parallel programming, parallel programs are still notoriously difficult to implement. Indeed parallelism is usually made even more difficult by programmers typically using sequential or small-scale parallel programming techniques. Functional languages such as Erlang are increasingly starting to dominate the parallelism scene with their typical first-class light-weight parallelism models.

In this paper we introduce a new process-based skeleton framework for Erlang based on streaming models. In particular we show a number of core "primitive" skeletons that can be used as a basis of more complex parallel systems. We give details of the skeletons, in Erlang, and in our full paper we promise to show promising and scalable speedups on a manycore machine on a number of examples.