Sam Elliott

Developer & Researcher

I'm a software developer and researcher, currently working for Basho and based in Scotland. I love complex problems, especially those relating to Parallelism or Distributed Systems.

If you're looking for the blog posts that used to be hosted here, the useful ones have moved to and the rest have been deleted.

My Research

Research into various topics including Parallelism and Distributed Systems

CRDTs: Composition and Garbage Collection Visit Project →

2013: I spent three months working at Basho on Data Type support for their datastore, Riak. This included designing a new CRDT that supported composition, and adding Garbage Collection to their existing CRDT implementations.

I'm still working at Basho, and the work above has made it into Riak 2.0. For more details about what our team made, see My talk at RICON West 2013 entitled “CRDTs: An Update (or just a PUT)”

My Colleagues and I co-authored a paper about the new CRDT that supports composition, titled “Riak DT Map: a Composable, Convergent Replicated Dictionary” that we presented at PaPEC 2014.

skel — A Streaming Process-based Skeleton Library for Erlang Visit Project →

2012: I spent over two months working with the University of St Andrews and other institutions from the ParaPhrase project on this parallel skeleton library.

I helped co-author a paper titled “Cost-Directed Refactoring of Parallel Erlang Programs” which uses my Skeleton Library as the basis of its refactoring.