Archibald Samuel Elliott

PhD Student at University of Washington


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Checked C for Safety, Gradually Paper →

Andrew Ruef, Archibald Samuel Elliott, Ian Sweet, Michael Hicks, David Tarditi

Autumn 2017 • Paper • Under Submission

Putting the Checks into Checked C Technical Report →

Archibald Samuel Elliott

October 2017 • Checked C Technical Report Number 2


Erlang/OTP meets Dependent Types Extended Abstract →

Archibald Samuel Elliott

ICFP SRC '15 • Extended Abstract

A Concurrency System for Idris & Erlang BSc Dissertation →

Archibald Samuel Elliott

April 2015 • Bachelors Dissertation at the University of St Andrews


Riak DT Map: A Composable, Convergent Replicated Dictionary Workshop Paper →

Russell Brown, Sean Cribbs, Christopher Meiklejohn, Sam Elliott

PaPEC '14 • Workshop Paper


Cost-Directed Refactoring for Parallel Erlang Programs Journal Paper →

Christopher Brown, Marco Danelutto, Kevin Hammond, Peter Kilpatrick, Archibald Elliott

IJPP 42.4 • Journal Paper


Skel: A Streaming Process-based Skeleton Library for Erlang Early Draft →

Archibald Elliott, Christopher Brown, Marco Danelutto, Kevin Hammond

August 2012 • Early Draft • Never Submitted