Archibald Samuel Elliott

Programming Languages & Compilers

Swizzle Inventor: Data Movement Synthesis for GPU Kernels

Phitchaya Mangpo Phothilimthana, Archibald Samuel Elliott, An Wang, Abhinav Jangda, Bastian Hagedorn, Henrik Barthels, Samuel J. Kaufman, Vinod Grover, Emina Torlak, Rastislav Bodik
April 2019 • Paper • Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS)
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Utilizing memory and register bandwidth in modern architectures may require irregular data placement and movement, such as shuffles and broadcasts. We develop Swizzle Inventor to help programmers implement swizzle algorithms, by writing programs that omit swizzles and delegating the creation of those swizzles to an automatic synthesizer. Our synthesis algorithm scales to real-world programs, allowing us to invent new GPU kernels for stencil computations, matrix transposition, and a finite field multiplication algorithm (used in cryptographic applications). The synthesized 2D convolution and finite-field multiplication kernels are on average 1.5–3.2x and 1.1–1.7x faster, respectively, than expert-optimized CUDA kernels.